About this project

This was a completely revamped design project from rebranding the MBD Consulting Agency Logo and website design. The website was currently on Wix which got converted over to WordPress to be more user-friendly and more interactive website design.

The Logo Design process was 2 to 3 days and I created up to 5 to 6 samples for my client to review. She was happy and amazed with what was created visually to represent her brand for MBD Consulting Agency. After the logo design was finalized then off to recreating her new WordPress website which was fun and exciting from taking a standard template-based design from Wix to converting it over to WordPress with more creative freedom. The website design turnaround was 10  business days and launched 2 days after.

Since the website launched, it has received more than enough traffic and compliments which brought another happy client home to Jean Creative Solutions.

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